Board of Directors 

John Hulseberg, Northern Illinois University

Vice President
Ashley O’Connor, LiteracyPlanet

Dan Pavelich, Pavelich-May, Inc.

Karen Weckerly, Morning Star Media

Amy Chamoun, Mueller & Co. LLP
Allie Hofer, Office Hours
Nick Lee, Smith Specialized Heavy Hauling, Inc.
Jeff McMaster, City of DeKalb Fire Department
Erin Reynolds, Sycamore Chamber of Commerce
Ted Rosenow, Crum-Halsted Insurance Agency
Steven Sulaver, Heartland Bank
Kelly Tilstra, Akademos
Amanda Wielgus, Klein, Stoddard, Buck & Lewis, LLC

CASA DeKalb County, Inc. Staff

Executive Director, Jill Olson
Advocate Supervisor, Pat Cullen
Advocate Supervisor, Kourtny Schwerdtman
Development Manager/Advocate Supervisor, Jessica Sandlund
Law Clerk, Eric Cobb
Marketing Staff, Emma Villella
Social Media & Marketing Intern, Alondra Rodriguez

Man with little boy at park



Board Member Testimony:

“I also wanted to do something more powerful to help prevent the cycle of abuse and neglect in our community. That’s why I serve on the CASA DeKalb County Executive Board. I see the excellent work that CASA DeKalb County does to help turn around the life of a child. I know that the organization is financially sound and an excellent steward of donors’ contributions. I see the staff work tirelessly and passionately on behalf of the children. I am proud to be part of an agency that is working hard to prevent child abuse and neglect, right here in our DeKalb County backyard.”

—CASA Board Member


~For more information about joining CASA DeKalb County’s Board of Directors, call us at 815-895-2052 or email