Q: How much time is involved in being a CASA advocate?
A: An individual who wishes to serve as an advocate is required to successfully complete a 30-hour training program and participate in continuing education annually. CASA volunteers usually work with only one case at a time and although time commitment varies, they spend an average of 15-20 hours per month on their case. Advocates remain actively involved in the case until formally dismissed by the juvenile court.

Q: What process does a new volunteer go through?
A: The process of becoming a volunteer advocate includes the completion of a written application, an initial interview, a background check, fingerprinting and reference checks. Applicants that are accepted into the training program must meet all program requirements prior to being sworn in as a CASA advocate.

Q: What does a CASA volunteer do?
A: CASA volunteers advocate for the child’s best interests in order to find that child a safe permanent home as soon as possible. A CASA volunteer serves as: 1. A FACT-FINDER, gathering relevant information and objectively examining the situation, including history, environment, relationships and the needs of the child; 2. A FACILITATOR, coordinating a collaborative relationship between all parties involved in the case, helping to create a situation in which the child’s needs can be met; 3. A MONITOR, overseeing the child and the child’s situation throughout the court proceedings, checking compliance with court orders and notifying the court of circumstances regarding the child’s best interests; and 4. An ADVOCATE, ensuring each child’s needs are acted upon in a sensitive and expedient manner.

Q: Are volunteers really needed?
A: Yes, they are! Every abused and neglected child deserves to have an advocate that looks out for their best interest. CASA advocates are an important part of the juvenile court system.

Q: How do I volunteer?
A: To volunteer for CASA DeKalb County Inc. in Illinois,

  • Fill out a volunteer application here and submit it.


  • Call the CASA office at 815-895-2052 or email us at casa@casadekalb.org for more information

Q: How else can I help?
A: Other ways to support CASA include:

  • Donate and support our mission to provide every abused and neglected child in DeKalb County with a safe permanent home as soon as possible.
  • Attend CASA events or join our event planning committees.
  • Assist advocates with Juvenile Court cases as a Pro Bono attorney.
  • Oversee the administration of the program as a member of the Board of Directors.